Paul Dunne

It’s the only training aid [I] use. 

  • Paul Dunne, British Masters Champion and Professional Golfer


Independent Golf Review

Golf is unique for many of reasons, one of which is putting. The number of training aids to assist you in putting are countless, but it all depends on what it is training you for.  As a coach and club fitter, The Putting Stick may be the most complete training aid I’ve ever come across to help you putt better. The most common fault in putting is not keeping the putter moving past the point of contact with enough momentum and square to the target (aka Decelerate). The Putting Stick aims to correct this motion by teaching you how to keep the putter moving thru impact and the putter face square to the target. Putt with a purpose is the best way to get better and the Putting Stick does this well.

  • As seen on Independent Golf Review


Matthew Faldo

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for sending the putting sticks for all our players at our 20th Grand Final. Everyone was grateful to receive one and let’s hope it has a positive effect on their putting strokes!

  • Matthew Faldo ~ @faldoseries


Marina Alex


Faldo Series

Big thanks to @TPKGolf for keeping our finalists putting strokes on the straight and narrow! @RandA Paul Baxter taking in a few tips too!


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