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TPK’s Putting Stick®: a Patented Golf Training Aid GET ON THE STICK® - The Putting Stick®

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to fine tune your game or just starting out on the green and need some practice, the patented Putting Stick® is a piece of golf training equipment that you can’t be without! Get acquainted with basic putting techniques and strategies to start improving your short stroke. It’s hard to improve your stroke when you can’t see what is wrong with your form; this putting aid provides precise visual feedback so you can monitor your game. An adjustable back-swing stop will show you if your back swing is too long, and the patented design will help you determine the accuracy of your stroke at the point of impact. The Putting Stick® also features a detachable mirror that allows you to continuously monitor your eye alignment.

Also available in a more portable pro-version (with the mirror built into the stick), these putting aids aren’t just for amateurs! Over 160 players on the pro tour are using The Putting Stick®. Golf pros, like Sean O’Hair, have used this golf training aid to make the most of their practice sessions, and now you can too!

The Putting Stick® made Golf Digest's list of 'Cool Stuff at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show'. Check it out at the link below:
Cool Stuff at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show

Disclaimer: if the Putting Stick exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time, the sunlight can cause it to warp.
If you’re having problems of getting the ball to roll all the way down the Stick, please email a short video of you using the Putting Stick, and you will receive FREE, personalized instruction and feedback from John Means (Former Head Coach at Idaho, Minnesota, and West Point and Member of the Golf Coaches Hall of Fame Association of America.)

“The Putting Stick® is an excellent training tool for working on and grooving a fundamentally sound putting stroke. It is very simple to use and it fits right in your bag. Anyone wanting to make more putts should use The Putting Stick®. It is a great product.”

Mike Bender
2009 PGA National Teacher of the Year
Golf Digest’s #6 Top Teacher
Teacher of professional golfer, Zach Johnson

British Masters champion Paul Dunne joins Tim Barter on the practice green in Dubai to demonstrate a useful, but very difficult, putting drill.See the video here.

I have been recommending your Putting Stick over the last few months and found it to be a huge help for many of my students. Matter of fact, I included it in my featured article and video for USGolfTV this week
Todd Kolb
PGA Certified Instructor
Todd Kolb Golf Academy

Brandt Jobe: A user for 2 years. Says he practices much with it at home for speed control- helping him to drop putts in the center of the cup.

Jerry Smith: Likes it because it helps him to make a straight back and through stroke.

Tom Purtzer: Loved the way it helps him aim better. He'd had issues aiming right- all cured!

Boo Weekly

Ben Martin: "It simply helps me to focus on the ball and the first 3 feet out".

Chella Choi: "A good tempo-timing trainer".

What our customers say about putting stick

"Anytime I am working with a student on putting, we will spend time using the Putting Stick®."

-Chris Baisch Hazeltine National Golf Club Instructor

The Putting Stick has proved itself with scientific evidence as well as pure results of players I work with.

Jon Sinclair Sinclair's Golf Training Center Euless, TX

"I'm fearless now when I putt."

Ollie Schniederjans #1 Ranked Amateur in the World and two time Ben Hogan Award semifinalist

"The Putting Stick® won’t teach you to read greens, but it will help you hit the ball on the line you do choose, and at the speed you want."


"Not only is it affordable, but also it proves that a simple aid can improve your confidence and lower your scores."

Greg Sampson Sampson's Spotlight

"I saw The Putting Stick® and I thought right away it is a great product to help me improve my putter and get on top."

Paula Hurtado LPGA player and only Colombian on Ladies' European Tour

Hello Vlad! Amazing device, one of the best training aid for putting.

Timur Kazakhstan

Brands @ TPK

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