18 Infamous Golf Holes by Loyal H. Chapman

These are new edition giclee prints of the original masterworks as seen in Golf Digest. All prints are on archival paper printed with archival ink. They are exact prints of the originals.

The giclee prints are available in 28” x 22” and a reduced size of 18" x 14”. All prints have been color corrected to the originals. Buy signed by artist Loyal H. Chapman or unsigned prints.

Buy the complete collection of 18 prints in either size, signed or unsigned. Or buy individual prints, signed or unsigned. Individual signed prints are available in both sizes, and unsigned prints are available in 28” x 22” only.

In addition, of the original ten sets of 18 artist proofs, five sets remain. Set number one is in the World Golf Hall of Fame (WGHOF). These limited edition prints are 33 1/2" x 26”, the same size as the originals. The five remaining sets of 18 prints include a remarque (pencil drawing) done by the artist at the time of signing.

10 set Trial/Artist Proof edition:
A. Set #1 is in the collection of the WGHOF (World Golf Hall of Fame)
B. Set #'s 4,5,6,8,9 are still available
C. Price is $63,000/set ($3,500 per print)

For information on purchase of Limited edition sets and the original paintings call Vlad Gribovsky at +1-612-229-7052.
Vlad can also be reached at +1-612-229-7052 via Whatsapp and WeChat.