Military Back Saver Wallet

Stop sitting on the problem! In 2005, the CDC recognized 'wallet sciatica' as a cause of sciatic issues and low back pain. The Back Saver Wallet® is endorsed by the Congress of State Chiropractic Associations to reduce or eliminate wallet sciatica!

The Military Back Saver Wallet® is cut from the same leather as each branch's combat boots and comes embossed with an official logo.

You may also choose to have the logo of your branch of the military embossed on our Premium Leather wallets or on our Camouflage wallets.

In honor of those who have served or are serving NO CHARGE for embossed logo of your branch of the military.

TPK embosses all its products “Full Grain Leather – Made in the U.S.A.” If you are looking at similar competitor products and you don’t see “full grain leather” somewhere, you should ask yourself, “what is this?” Some websites claim their products are made out of leather, but are made out of PVC or genuine leather and then stamped to make it look like real leather. Visit our “Leather 101” page for more information.