The Putting Stick®
The Putting Stick®
The Putting Stick®
The Putting Stick®
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The Putting Stick®

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Features an adjustable back-swing stop to help control your swing.
This device differs from the earlier model by containing a built-in eye alignment mirror, which gives you immediate feedback when your eyes are not lining up in the same spot. Another addition is a beveled ramp at the end of the stick which provides a consistent roll for practicing breaking putts right on the green. This device is optimized for portability. Included is an instructional USB thumb drive containing detailed information on assembly, use, fault correction, as well as introductions to basic putting techniques and strategies. Transform your game and attitude forever with The Putting Stick Pro!
Technical Specs
Length: 46"
Width: 1"
Height : 3/8"
Weight: 2 lb.
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