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Reviewer: Paul Dunne
It’s the only training aid [I] use.
Paul Dunne, British Masters Champion and Professional Golfer

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Sir Nick Faldo, Vlad Gribovsky (owner), and Loyal "Bud" Chapman The Putting Stick entered the LPGA through the Korean players a number of years ago when a US instructor associated with the US Golf Schools was working in Korea and introduced it through the head of the Korean PGA. Because of the cultural rules and player management contracts we cannot list the players individually, but I can tell you that a majority of their LPGA players are using my Putting Stick- just ask our American players how they were introduced to the STICK. Also, the entire Japanese delegation of players is also “on the stick”. Vlad Gribovsky Owner of TPK and Inventor of the Putting Stick.

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for sending the putting sticks for all our players at our 20th Grand Final. Everyone was grateful to receive one and let’s hope it has a positive effect on their putting strokes! ~ Matthew Faldo ~ @faldoseries

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I have the Putting Stick Pro and the Original model with the mirror at the end of the trail. Took it out of my bag pre-member/member tournament due to complaints. Turns out that the other members should buy one instead of complaining, about it being in my bag; won every money category of the tournament! (TPK checked with the USGA, and as long as you do not USE the Putting Stick during a round of competitive golf, it is not a rules violation to have it in the golf bag. In this case, The Putting Stick put money in his pocket!)

Keith C. Henderson

I had been looking for the Putting Stick since seeing it on TV with Boo Weekly using prior to a round. I couldn’t find it anywhere and I recently saw the ad in the PGA Magazine. I loved the idea and have always been using a string and two pencils as an alignment and path aid. I love the mirror as a set up check, and the versatility of the many uses of the putting stick. I have sold 3 in the first week, and created a buzz by leaving it on the green and letting customers try it. I am very happy with the product and found it useful for both my juniors and my adults. Great product!!!

Bob Sparks Harwinton, Bob Sparks, PGA Golf Professional at Fairview Farm Golf Course and 2013 Connecticut Section PGA Junior Golf Leader

I was first introduced to The Putting Stick by a PGA Tour Player (Bo Van Pelt) and his coach (Mitchell Crum) that I do analysis for. We took an initial sample of his stroke with the SAM PuttLab. Five months later we took the test again. He used the same putter the entire time and the only aid he used was The Putting Stick. The results are below. During the 2012 season he did not miss one three foot putt and had his most consistent year on tour. After seeing these remarkable results I started making The Putting Stick available to all of my clients.

Jon Sinclair Euless Sinclair’s Golf Training Center

By utilizing the Putting Stick, we can gain precise feedback about a student’s putting stroke. Lack of feedback is the chief reason golfers do not improve putting even with practice, especially incorrect practice. Most importantly, it teaches the students to learn without the thought of mechanics. The Putting Stick allows golfers to continuously monitor backswing length, showing when the backswing might be too long. The Putting Stick shows the accuracy of a square blade at impact since the ball will roll off the stick if not struck correctly. The attached alignment mirror allows golfers to monitor if their eye alignment and setup are correct throughout the practice sessions. If golfers spend 10-15 minutes a day of proper practice with square-to-square or inside-to-square-to-inside strokes on the Putting Stick, it will change their life on the greens.

Mitchell Crum Murrels Inlet, Director of Instructors of The United States Golf Schools in Murrels Inlet, SC and President of the Professional Golf Teachers and Coaches of America

With the new feature of not having the attached mirror [Pro version] and having it on the stick itself, it makes it convenient to carry around with you in your bag. It quickly gets students to realize their faults and gives instant feedback on whether or not they are doing it correctly. It helps get the putter square at address, helps to ensure their eyes are over the ball, and forces the student to make an accelerated stroke. It gives players confidence that they can be aggressive with their putts and if it goes 3 to 4 feet by, they know they can make that putt coming back with using the putting stick. A success story: I had a member of Hazeltine National Golf Club buy the Putting Stick four days prior to a big member, 36-hole stroke play event. He was struggling with his putting and quickly realized it had a lot to do with his setup. His eyes were not over the ball, and his putter face was closed at address. He used the putting stick 10 minutes a night prior to the prestigious event.

Chris Baisch Chaska PGA at Hazeltine National Golf Club

Mike Barge, Director of Instruction at the Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, MN, joined the list of top teaching professionals who have found that using the Putting Stick as a training aid has been beneficial for their students. The Putting Stick will give you immediate feedback on your stroke, which is crucial for learning. I recommend it to all my students as an indoor training aid to use over the winter months. The more success you have rolling the ball along the Putting Stick will lead to more confidence on all putts, especially the short ones.

Mike Barge Chaska Director of Instruction at Hazeltine National Golf Club and Minnesota’s #1 Teacher Endorses the Putting Stick

This is the best training aid at the [PGA] Show.

Alice Miller West Chester former McDonalds LPGA champion and teacher at Penn Oaks Golf Course

The Putting Stick is a wonderful practice aid. You only have control of the first 3 feet and the putting stick helps you perfect that.

Pat Sellers Nashville PGA Tour Putting Instructor

If you can’t putt with this thing, you can’t putt with anything. My students will have one in their bag, I’ll have one in my bag, and anyone who wants to improve should have a Putting Stick in their bag.

Jamie Roderick Myrtle Beach Head Professional and General Manager at International Club Myrtle Beach, SC.

This device will not help you control putting speed. However, IMO there are no aids better than this to work on striking the ball squarely and flush. Any type of miss struck putt is obvious as the ball falls on the rail or barely stays on it. But when you putt the ball properly, you see the ball on the rail. When you get on the course, 3 footers never looked easier.

Jeff F.

I have been recommending your Putting Stick over the last few months and found it to be a huge help for many of my students. Matter of fact, I included it in my featured article and video for USGolfTV this week.

Todd Kolb PGA Certified Instructor at Todd Kolb Golf Academy

Pro golfer, Chris Naegle, is a new user of the putting stick and reports he likes the focus of the follow through and the ball roll is a big help.

Best, Ken

Chella Choi reports that the Putting Stick "helps greatly with tempo improvement ".
New user, Christina Kim: "It simply helps me with a better follow through".
P. K. Kongraprahan says, "Its simple and easy to follow her putter back and through for a better down the line putter head finish. Watching the putter blade one foot past impact"

Chella Choi

Players taking our Putting Stick- 1/ Tim Wilkinson; 2/ Ben Curtis. Next week at Zurich New Orleans event, then the Wells Fargo, then the Players- a busy run ahead and good successes ahead

Valero Texas Open Author's designation

Good reception! Several liked and Greg Chalmers (winner last year at Reno) loved and has it in play. The round small level and the ball position mirror he really liked. He's tried several competitor products but said you have the best. Congrats!

Kenny Author's designation

Belgium’s #1 amateur and playing on the Symetra Tour. The newest user of the Putting Stick!

Leslie Cloots

Got my putting stick pro model last week. practice 3 nights at the practice green and everyday in my office. played on Sunday and had 5 birdies. fantastic for short and medium length putts. Get one fast!!!!

JR - Pennsylvania Author's designation

Putting Stick Pro
Can't wait to use it!!! It's a fantastic training aid

Marina A