With the Back Saver Wallet ®, bulky pockets are a thing of the past! As a thin wallet, it features a construction that eliminates bulge by folding flat, making it one of the best front pocket wallets out there. The patented construction of this slim leather wallet holds just as much as a standard wallet but reduces the thickness and size by up to 60%. Free up room in your back pockets, or slide the Back Saver Wallet® comfortably into your front pocket. Because having to sit on an oversized wallet in your back pocket has been shown to distort posture, the Congress of State Chiropractic Associations has recommended this product as an ideal sciatica wallet due to its thin design. Personalize your new full grain leather wallet with custom laser engraving, or get ready for travel with the wider International Back Saver Wallet ®, which fits currencies from around the world. We value quality at TPK Golf, and we are proud to offer you a high-grade leather product that won’t break the bank…or your back!

The Back Saver Wallet® is a true thin front pocket wallet. Because of its construction it always folds flat and slips into a front pocket. It is 60% thinner than a standard when full. No Bulk, No Bulge. All wallets come complete with spring money clip.

  • TPK's patented Back Saver Wallet® was designed to be carried in the front pocket. Sitting on your wallet can distort your posture; if you simply have to carry your wallet in a back pocket, the Back Saver Wallet will reduce the effects of Wallet Sciatica
  • Its patented construction means that it will hold as much as a regular wallet but be 50-60% smaller in overall size making it much easier to carry. Patent #: D436,252 and 6,435,236.
  • Recommended by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations to help eliminate Wallet Sciatica.
Military Back Saver Wallets are:
- Full Grain Nubuck Suede Leather
- 100% Waterproof
- Made of the Same Leather as Official Military Issued Combat Boot
We Support Our Troops. TPK donates to the Wounded Warrior Project to aid our heroes returning from combat.

In The News!

vlad gribovsky
Star Tribune - April 17, 2016

Neal St. Anthony

Vlad Gribovsky, owner of leather-accessories maker TPK of Waconia, has taken on giants Google and Staples to protect his trademarked “Back Saver Wallet.” Vlad Gribovsky is a 70-year-old entrepreneur who has a history of overcoming the odds. See full article here